Mr. Akshay

Mr Akshay is our patient who just recovered from a deadly disease- Covid 19. Listen to what he is saying. 

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I am Ravinder, 56 years of age, and employed in MES. I was afflicted with intense disc problems for a long time and was unable to move around or sit easily. I visited reputed surgeons in Dehradun but found no relief from the treatment. To get the relief I further consulted government neurosurgeons only to be disappointed and my pain lingered on. Seeing no improvement in my intense pain, one of my colleagues suggested me to visit Dr. Arvind of Ayurmax hospital. At first, I was skeptical about the treatment. But to my pleasant surprise, he diagnosed my disc problem comprehensively. The consultation session was very detailed where he went through my case history and then initiated the treatment. The therapy and treatment administered alleviated my pain completely. The cooperative medical staff and doctors at Ayurmax help me recover from the long-associated Disc ailment.
During my stay at Ayurmax for my treatment, I was attended well by the Ayurmax staff and every issue was taken care of without any delay. The treatment and medications helped me regain my health and I can move and sit at ease without any trace of pain. Thus, I would recommend Ayurmax to anyone facing serious ailments for a long time. Now I have rejoined my duty at MES in healthy shape.

ayurvedic hospital in dehradun

Gauranshi’s Mother

My 3 years old daughter Gauranshi had immunity weakness in her body since 6 months of age. I was worried as she would frequently fall ill due to her weak resistance against all kinds of flues. We had to frequently visit doctors with her. But still, there was no permanent resolution in sight. Then I got to know about Ayurvedic treatment for immunity related issues. I have heard that Dr. Rekha of Ayurmax hospital has been treating children with permanent relief. I visited Ayurmax where Dr. Rekha introduced the gem of Ayurveda- swarnaprashan (Gold consumption as an ayurvedic medication). With regular immunizing sessions, I witnessed a gradual improvement in my daughter’s immunity. With monthly visits, There was a sea-change in her health. Also, her memory and personality improved a lot. Now she has an immense change in her health in comparison to children of her age. I will remain thankful to Dr. Rekha for my daughter’s treatment and bringing back the cheerfulness of Gauranshi.

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Rahul Joshi

I am only having one kidney. For some time I was suffering from High creatinine levels and High Blood pressure. I visited Dr. Arvind Chaudhary Ayurmax hospital who diagnosed me having critical levels of creatinine. I underwent treatment for one month at Ayurmax. I got relief from all the uneasiness with care and treatment from Dr. Arvind. I would say he is my life-saver.

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Mr. and Mrs. Dayal Singh

My wife has been suffering from stomach cancer in 2014. We went to Chandigarh for its treatment where her critical ailment was operated on. But the post-surgery treatment after the surgery was not attended well by the Chandigarh hospital. The pain and unease due to surgery did not go away completely. One of our relatives suggested ayurvedic treatment for prolonged relief. Fortunately, we came to know about Dr. Arvind Chaudhary, chief surgeon at Ayurmax. He understood my wife’s case history and subsequently started post-surgery recovery treatment. Today, I am relieved that my wife has completely recovered and healthy. The treatment and medical staff communication were very effective to help my wife regain her health.

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Priyanka Bhatt

Over the last 1.5 years, I was suffering from a whole lot of health problems like Irregular menstrual periods, face acne, and hair fall. Someone known to me asked me to once visit Dr. Rekha Chaudhary in Ayurmax hospital. She diagnosed me and found me affected by PCOD disease. The treatment by  Dr. Rekha helped me heal completely within 7 months without any trace of side-effects. The best facilities and caring attitude of all the staff are unmatched. Now I am pregnant with a baby and I found it best to visit only Ayurmax for all prenatal care and pregnancy tests.

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Savita Kayal

I was referred from Swami Subhodanand of Achlamai to visit Ayurmax. After a thorough investigation, I was given treatment for my backbone related ailment by Dr. Arvind. I was admitted for therapeutic healing procedures to treat my illness. His polite nature and interaction was a positive experience.

The treatment methodology of Kativasthi, januvasta, Naina, and Dr.Anjali healed my backbone pain gradually. I have also undergone Agnikarma, hair spa, and facial treatment as well from Dr. Preeti Chaudhary after having a pleasant experience with backbone treatment. During our 20 days stay at Ayurmax hospital there was a home-like atmosphere with all staff very helpful and always attended whenever we needed anything. Staff members like Arjun, Laxman, and Dharamveer was extremely helpful.  Timely doctor visits, personalized treatment care, and polite nature was a touching highlight of our experience.

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Father of 6 months old baby, Dr. Aditya, a scientist at Wadia Institute of Geology

Our baby is 6 months old and we have been giving our baby Swarnaprashana for the last 3 months. We got to know about Swarnaprashana from our family friends Dr. Hema and Shyam Sunder Parmar. They asked us to visit Ayurmax. We were initially under impression that it is an immunity booster vaccine. But on getting in touch with Dr. Rekha Chaudhary at Ayurmax we got to know the comprehensive benefits for our baby like brain development and mental health, initial tooth issues.
On seeing the benefits of Swarnaprashana we also gave our baby Nityaprashan on the recommendation of Dr. Rekha Chaudhary. We saw positive changes in our child in form of increased Daily activity and the baby is more active, safe against diseases, and learning new things faster than other kids.

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Rashi Arora, mother of a 10-year-old Parisha

I heard about Swarnaprashan 3 years before. My daughter Parisha had been physically weak and had digestive problems. She was also suffering from dysentery, Vomiting, and diarrhea whenever she ate anything. Due to this, she was very dull and lazy.
I visited the allopathic doctor for addressing this problem. He diagnosed my daughter as lactose intolerant so milk and milk-product consumption were stopped.
On recommendation from neighbors and family friends, I visited Ayurmax for this physical deficiency. Dr. Rekha Chaudhary at Ayumax was a helpful doctor and administered Swarnaprashan to my daughter. After the treatment, I am happy that my daughter is now energetic, digestion is good, better at remembering things, and overall health is much improved than before. The teachers at my daughter’s school are also happy for her performance in class and overall positive outlook. I would recommend Swarnaprashan to other parents for their kids’ health and personality.

Anjana Sharma

My recent experience with Dr. Rekha Chaudhary at Ayurmax Hospital was exceptional. After 4.5 years of marriage, I’m now 8 weeks pregnant, and Dr. Chaudhary’s expertise and compassion were crucial. The clinic’s welcoming atmosphere, her 24×7 dedication, and effective communication make her the ideal choice for women’s healthcare. Highly recommended for comprehensive and advanced gynecological care.