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Panchkarma is an ancient tried and tested therapy to de-stress, detoxify and heal body from lifestyle diseases without any invasive surgery. This therapy is carried out by trained and experienced ayurvedic medical practitioner. Panchkarma utilises vedic knowledge of human anatomy to administer targeted therapy for different body parts. The therapy utilises medicated oils like Dhanavantari telam, Narayan telam along with rare herbs in a specific equipment to carry out the therapy. This non-invasive procedure heals heart, neck, brain, speech illness in a natural way. Specialized ayurvedic doctors administer panchkarma healing therapy.

Some of the Panchkarma therapies types related to body parts to be healed are:

  • Shirovasti
  • Shirodhara
  • Kativasti
  • Hridyavasti
  • Januvasti
  • Janudhara

Shirovasti(head and brain)- This involves light massage with head dipped in warm oil in a special apparatus.

Treats- migraine, depression, eye disease, ear disease, hair fall, speech disorder, mental retardation, anxiety, Insomnia, paralysis (partial or complete)

Shirodhara- It involves continuous pouring of warm oil on forehead(agyachakra) and covering of eyes. It is Followed by slight massage and thereafter covering the head by a drape or towel, brain efficiency,

Treats- Central nervous system

Kativasti- It treats Waist pain, sciatica, prolapse and prevents any surgery

Januvasti/Janudhara– It is a knees treatment with medicated oil, steamed oil followed by limbs massage. Also treats pain in legs, difficulty in walking, pain after sitting for long, muscular pain

Hridaya vasti(Heart) – It treats Coronary vein blockage, heat failure, high bp, high cholesterol level