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Leech Therapy

This therapy as the name suggests involves usage of leech saliva(LS). This therapy traces it roots to Ancient civilization. In Sushruta samhitha this therapy is identified as hirudino therapy. This therapy is utilized as Raktamokshana Karma (bloodletting) for purifying body humors. At present it is used for reconstructive surgeries, prevent B complex deficiency, venous congestion, removing blood clotting by the saliva inserted by the biting leech as an anti-coagulant, etc. Leach therapy is effective in increasing blood circulation. It also help in breaking and preventing the formation of blood clots. Leach therapy is easy and have less risk of side effects than most of other therapy. Recent case studies shows that leach therapy can also help in treating certain types of diabetes. A substance present in leach saliva called hirudin thins the blood and keeps it from clotting. Hirudin can also help with cardiovascular diseases by thinning the blood.
Modern medicine has mostly revived this treatment for surgical and reconstitution surgeries, migraine, vascular diseases and arthritis for its better results over traditional allopathic procedures. Some European researchers have even devised ‘mechanical leeches’ to simulate the blood sucking procedure.

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Extensive Operation Theatre

Shalya Operation theatre is the place where surgery and operations are carried out as defined in Sushruta samhitha. The surgical methods are classified as Chedya (excision), Lekhya (scarification), Vedhya (puncturing), Esya (exploration), Ahrya (extraction), Vsraya (evacuation), and Sivya (suturing).
Rhinoplasty, Lobuloplasty, Otoplasty are some of the 60 types of upkarma and 12 other treatment types. Also, operations like SRPT(Stree rog prasuti tantra) are suitable to carry out operating procedures for women.

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Indoor Pharmacy

Pharmacy is the critical part of Ayurveda including various medicated herbs, oils and medicines. The credible and authentic medicines of Ayurveda make it the trusted treatment method. Unlike allopathy, Ayurveda involves natural sources for preparation of pharmaceutical products. Charakasamhitha is the repository of the pharmacy of Ayurveda. It neatly explains various preparation methods of medicines from medicinal plants. Synergised usage of pharmacy and Ayurveda makes this natural healing treatment world-class. We at Ayurmax provide you the facility of Indoor pharmacy so you don’t have to face any trouble finding any Ayurvedic pharmaceutical products. That also helps us to access all the required medication fast avoiding any delays in treatment. Indoor pharmacy of Ayurmax provide affordable medicines.

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Panchkarma is an ancient tried and tested therapy to de-stress, detoxify and heal body from lifestyle diseases without any invasive surgery. This therapy is carried out by trained and experienced ayurvedic medical practitioner. Panchkarma utilises vedic knowledge of human anatomy to administer targeted therapy for different body parts. The therapy utilises medicated oils like Dhanavantari telam, Narayan telam along with rare herbs in a specific equipment to carry out the therapy. This non-invasive procedure heals heart, neck, brain, speech illness in a natural way. Specialized ayurvedic doctors administer panchkarma healing therapy.
Some of the Panchkarma therapies types related to body parts to be healed are:

  • Shirovasti
  • Shirodhara
  • Kativasti
  • Hridyavasti
  • Januvasti
  • Janudhara
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Swarnaprashana or Swarna amruta prashana as illustrated in Kashayapa Samhita dating back before 600 B.C. Swarna amruta prashana is a time-tested method for immunisation and healthy body growth for children. The immunisation dosage includes swarna bhasma (gold ash) mixed with honey and ghee that is fortified with arka, an herbal extract like vacha, brahmi, and shankupushpi to children orally.
The concoction ingredients are Swarna (Gold ash), Madhu, Grutha and Arka. It derives its goodness from the Gold that is readily assimilated and absorbed by human body. It is given as an immunisation medicine to children below the age of 16years for diverse benefits and remedies for human body. The benefits accrued are many like increased intellect, efficient digestive and metabolism, improves complexion and removes blemishes including other healing properties.