ayurvedic hospital in dehradun

I am Ravinder, 56 years of age, and employed in MES. I was afflicted with intense disc problems for a long time and was unable to move around or sit easily. I visited reputed surgeons in Dehradun but found no relief from the treatment. To get the relief I further consulted government neurosurgeons only to be disappointed and my pain lingered on. Seeing no improvement in my intense pain, one of my colleagues suggested me to visit Dr. Arvind of Ayurmax hospital. At first, I was skeptical about the treatment. But to my pleasant surprise, he diagnosed my disc problem comprehensively. The consultation session was very detailed where he went through my case history and then initiated the treatment. The therapy and treatment administered alleviated my pain completely. The cooperative medical staff and doctors at Ayurmax help me recover from the long-associated Disc ailment.
During my stay at Ayurmax for my treatment, I was attended well by the Ayurmax staff and every issue was taken care of without any delay. The treatment and medications helped me regain my health and I can move and sit at ease without any trace of pain. Thus, I would recommend Ayurmax to anyone facing serious ailments for a long time. Now I have rejoined my duty at MES in healthy shape.