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I heard about Swarnaprashan 3 years before. My daughter Parisha had been physically weak and had digestive problems. She was also suffering from dysentery, Vomiting, and diarrhea whenever she ate anything. Due to this, she was very dull and lazy.
I visited the allopathic doctor for addressing this problem. He diagnosed my daughter as lactose intolerant so milk and milk-product consumption were stopped.
On recommendation from neighbors and family friends, I visited Ayurmax for this physical deficiency. Dr. Rekha Chaudhary at Ayumax was a helpful doctor and administered Swarnaprashan to my daughter. After the treatment, I am happy that my daughter is now energetic, digestion is good, better at remembering things, and overall health is much improved than before. The teachers at my daughter’s school are also happy for her performance in class and overall positive outlook. I would recommend Swarnaprashan to other parents for their kids’ health and personality.